Sewing difficulties.

Photo on 6-5-14 at 11.44 AM #3When Jesus said that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God, I think he could have just said it’s easier for thread to go through the eye of a needle.

I remember my mom teaching me how to sew, and it didn’t look that hard to thread the needle when she did it. (I sewed tons and tons and tons of little pillows out of scrap fabric and gave them to my sister. I don’t actually know what she did with them, but I do remember that her enthusiasm waned slightly after like the tenth pillow.) I think I’ve already spent thirty minutes of my day trying to thread this needle. Also, tying the knot in the bottom of the thread is harder than she made it look, too.

Thankfully, I eventually succeeded and hemmed my pants.

Who makes travel sewing kits? I’d like to know that. Because they obviously have never needed to use one when traveling.

These, friends, are not scissors.

Photo on 6-5-14 at 11.57 AM

They barely open and close, much less cut thread. Thread, like the thinnest visible substance in the world. I could cut that with my teeth if I was feeling barbaric, but my dentist told me that teeth are not tools, so I tried to use the scissors and eventually made them work.

Anyways, I succeeded, as I mentioned before. And now my Creabelis aren’t too long anymore and can be worn! *claps*

The enthusiasm I feel is partly because I’m getting rather sick of all of my clothing I brought here and mostly because these pants are so comfortable, fun, and stylish. Check out their website (linked above!) to see what they look like, as I have no one to take my picture in them right now. Also, I’ve got a bag of frozen peas on my foot, which makes it slightly more difficult to photograph them.

I’ve got the green/yellow pair, just in case you want to see what they look like.

Today’s going to be a productive day, hence the short blog post. I’ve already hemmed a pair of pants, so that’s a good start. Now, on to reading about the East German secret police and trying to narrow down final paper topics. It’s crunch time, or nearly crunch time. I’m trying to avoid as much crunching as possible by pretending it’s crunch time before it is.

Enough delay, on to my studies.



2 thoughts on “Sewing difficulties.

  1. It’s usually easier to slide the needle over the thread than to try to put the thread through the needle. So keep the thread steady and move the needle instead of holding the needle steady and moving the thread. Good luck!

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