The “study” part


You could say today was uneventful, but I think I should consider rest an event. I’m finally taking a trip to the doctor tomorrow to see what she has to say about my foot (which likely will be to come back another time for some kind of further examination), so I rested for most of today. Also, I’ve been watching Pushing Daisies in my free time, and I couldn’t resist watching a few episodes today since I didn’t have that much pressing on me.

Then Evelyn and I fulfilled our French fry craving by walking to McDonald’s, which is oh-so-much more classy here than in the States. It’s also more expensive, but it’s nicer. We talked about how sexualized commercials are and how much funnier they would be if they were realistic and how we tend to get a little too attached to fictional characters. It’s great to have people who understand these things.

Now that I’ve finished my exam, I have three papers, one presentation, and one more exam standing between me and being done with schoolwork. It’s actually pretty well spread out, too, and I have the added leg-up of being a native English speaker, which makes everything in my classes significantly easier for me.

Tonight, I’m on my second cup of rooibos while I read about the Stasi, the East German secret police of the Communist days. Of course, I started reading an article that wasn’t actually about what I thought it was about and had three pages of notes before I realized I actually needed a different book.

Whoops. Live and learn.

This week is when I actually get down to the “study” part of my study abroad, I suppose. I mean, I’ve been going to classes, reading, participating in forums, and such til now, but now the examination begins. (dun-dun-DUN) With American literature out of the way, we still have Creative Writing, Gothic Fiction, Hemingway, and Intelligence and War in the 20th Century to worry about work on.

Onward, good student. Go forth and conquer.


One thought on “The “study” part

  1. And despite all, I think we shall manage… fav episodes, ice cream and french fries and missing fictional characters and all of it together. I have to say that traditional dress is so more interesting that our paper… XD

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