Exams and spinach.

I got a bit overzealous with the amount of spinach I put in my smoothie this evening. It was one of those things where I thought: Spinach is good in smoothies. Spinach is good for me. If a little bit of spinach is good, more must be better.

Let me tell you, more is not always better.

No, in this case there was too much spinach and milk, too little yogurt, and hardly any berry flavor to cover up the milky, spinach-y mixture. I was pretty disappointed. What was intended to be both tasty and healthy ended up only being healthy.

I think I’ve gotten my daily amount of iron.

After I posted yesterday about going to the doctor, I thought about it again and realized that I’d rather try to change up my shoe habits before I go get an x-ray. My friend had a similar problem before, and getting new shoes fixed it. So I’m going to wear my ultra-supportive tennis shoes as much as possible while walking this week and see if that helps. We shall see!

Other than drinking spinach and reconsidering my doctor’s appointment, I have been studying for my first exam in Austria for my American literature survey class. I know, you’re thinking, but you’ve been there since February! It’s almost June and you haven’t had an exam yet? No. I have not.

The Austrian system does most of its examination at the end of a course, usually only requiring that you keep up in the middle. Actually, with some types of courses, you don’t even have to take the exam right when the class is over. You can choose one of three exams, spread out over a sixish month period, and if you fail then, you can take it again the next year.

Ah, but I won’t be here for the next exam or to take it again next year. So, yes, I need to get a 1 (the equivalent of an A) the first time.

So, I’ve been drawing timelines and reading literature and thinking about American identity according to these authors. It’s been lovely.

Over icc cream this afternoon, I retold all of American literary history to my friend, Evelyn. So, I should be ready to clobber that test tomorrow. It’s been a while, but I think I remember how to take a test.

In other news, I’ll be back in the States in 38 days, which is just over a month and really strange. I’m trying to use the rest of my time well. What would you do if you have 38 days left to be in a foreign country/Austria?


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