X-ray fun.

Dear readers,

I write you today to inform you about an amazing cultural experience which I will be taking part in some time this week. Yes, you guessed it: going to see an Austrian doctor named Ursula about a possible stress fracture in my left foot.

You know how we don’t walk much in the States? You know how I walk everywhere here? I think that’s taken a toll on my foot. Whoops.

So, since it persists and has been since I got back from France, it’s time to take advantage of that fancy health insurance we had to buy before I left. In typical Austrian fashion, the doctor’s office is only open for like three hours everyday, and I’m not sure whether she actually speaks English well or not, but I can point to where it hurts.

Though I actually hope that nothing is seriously wrong, I have to admit that I’m kind of excited about the possibility of an x-ray. How fun of a souvenir would that be? Do they let you keep them? I mean, what would they do with an x-ray of my foot? Keep it for posterity?

And here, children, is the x-ray of an American college student’s foot. This is what happens to lazy Americans because they don’t walk enough at home then come here and think their poor little feet can handle the burden that we handle every day. And this is why Austrians are better…. mwahahaha.

I jest.

But, in all seriousness, I’m interested to visit a doctor’s office in a socialized health care system. I’m also interested to visit a German-speaking doctor. (just a reminder that I speak German very poorly, in case I haven’t mentioned that enough)

So, all that to say, get ready for a really exciting post. I think, at least. I’ll try to get a friend to go with me so she can document it.

I just paused writing to call Ursula, but since it’s out of her opening hours, the call won’t even go through. This is typical Austrian behavior, cutting the telephone lines when they aren’t in the office.

We’ll try again tomorrow.

Until then, dear readers, I am your truly,



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