What I’m going to do.

I’m going to take advantage of Austria for the next seven and a half weeks.

I’m going to buy Ritter Sport because it’s €1.09 and delicious. I’m going to buy cheap white wine, even though I can only drink like an ⅛ of a glass at a time. And I’ll enjoy it because it’s from this region and it’s legal and delicious. Jesus turned water into good wine when the whole wedding was already drunk, so you can’t shame me for drinking my tiny ⅛ of a glass.

I’m going to walk all around on every day that it’s sunny and spend time in the beautiful library that looks like it was straight out of something super classy, like Harry Potter or a British boarding school.

I’m going to talk with my friends who have become more and more dear to me as I get closer to my departure date (isn’t that sad?) and enjoy their company.

I’m going to FINALLY finish Moby Dick and ace my American Lit test, which comprises basically all of my grade.

I’m going to walk everywhere I possibly can because my feet are already calloused beyond repair, so why not just completely wear out my shoes, too?

I’m going to take advantage of the free laundry and keep my sheets and towels clean… and my clothes, too.

I’m going to keep trying to learn and use my German, even if I fail because it’s good to “taste defeat then brush my teeth” as Relient K so eloquently put it.

I’m going to keep having breakfast with Jesus and bring all my cares and joys to Him, because that’s what makes everything worth it.

I’m going to eat as much ice cream as I can while walking down Herrengasse or Sporgasse because it makes my heart feel light and happy to be licking an ice cream cone while tripping over cobblestones and walking past beautiful architecture.

I’m going to wander as much as possible and take as many pictures as I can, both in my mind and in my phone and in my heart.

That’s what I’m going to do with my time. Oh, and I’m going to enjoy the bread. I love the bread here.

Okay, spastic Ashley, over and out.


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