Just fine.

So, here’s what went wrong in the past couple days:

First, my bank account didn’t look quite like I wanted it to. Then, I dropped my toothbrush – bristles first – down the drain in the bathroom. Fortunately, it didn’t go all the way down and get stuck… but it did get some gross stuff on the bristles. It was probably time for a new toothbrush, anyways.

Then today I went to Hofer, happily walking through the cemetery to buy my groceries for €4 less than at Spar, and my card didn’t work.

I’m such a baby sometimes. The cashier wasn’t friendly about it, and I felt like I was just off the boat – even though I’m so not just off the boat… I didn’t even come by boat! So, I sniffed and shed a few tears on my walk back home, empty bag in hand. I told God that it was so dumb that they didn’t take Visa, how did I not know that? Why didn’t cashiers here think it was their job to be nice? Why am I so freakin’ sensitive?

Big, deep breath. Something’s got to go right soon enough.

I got home, and my flatmate was washing our blinds. We planned to do that today (blinds are on the outside of windows here, so they get pretty dirty. And our landlords insisted that everyone in the building wash their blinds for some reason). She had a power washer out and handed it to me when I walked up.

Something about power washing blinds is cathartic. Then we washed the windows and laughed about something related to cleaning. Then, since we tracked in dirt to the kitchen, I cleaned the kitchen floor. And since I was on a roll, I cleaned part of our bathroom, too.

There’s something I know how to do. Clean. And I bonded with my flatmates at the same time.

Then I picked up my purse and headed to Spar, where they accept Visa, and spent €4 more than at Hofer, but at least my card went through. I have groceries. My flat is clean. Life is just fine.


One thought on “Just fine.

  1. I know how you feel about rude cashiers! Most of Germany I experienced rude cashiers first hand. They really know how to kick you when you’re down and frustrated.

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