Jesus train

I’m on a train headed to Salzburg. It’s 8:18, and I’ve been conscious for over two hours already.
I wish I could take a picture to accurately show you the incredible beauty of the Austrian countryside the morning, but it’s so hard to capture something so immense. The sun peeked over the hills (you know, the ones that are alive) about an hour and a half ago and started illuminating green fields with cows and little traditional Austrian houses. And I’m facing backwards on a train, trying to catch every detail while I listen to the audio book of Love Does by Bob Goff.
It’s a perfect time to listen to a book about living my relationship with Jesus through doing because I’m not sitting in my room. I’m moving. I’m on a train, going somewhere (to Salzburg to see my parents, actually) . It’s a perfect time to resolve that my relationship with Jesus will change how I live and love. Not because I’ve resolved to, but because that’s what he’s already wanted to do and been doing with me. I’m just getting back on board with him.
I’m just getting back on Jesus’ love train, the one that asks me to be with people, to be a friend, to show them who Jesus is by staying connected with both him and them. Because when you have a best friend, it’s hard to not talk about them. You have the best stories from times spent with them and the most compelling things to say about their character.
I’m learning what it means to walk closely with Jesus this year. All my life, I’ve heard that God is my friend that sticks closer than a brother. I suppose if you substitute ‘sister’ there, that verse would mean more for me. And though I know it’s always been true and have been seeing more and more as I grow in my faith that it is true, I’m just realizing how deeply true it is now.
Wherever I go, I am never far from God. He’s always chasing me down when I run. When I’m willing to walk beside him, he gladly holds my hand and pulls me in the direction I should go. He shapes my heart to love the things and the people he loves and shows me new things each day.
I told a friend a couple weeks ago that I think God chases us down because that’s what he’s always done for me. No matter where I am, God has always been the one who follows me.
I keep saying that word today. Always.
He’s always following me. He’s always guiding me. He always wants to be in my life and for me to be in his.
He doesn’t get tired of chasing me down. He’s not out of breath. His legs never grow weary and when mine do, he carries me.
He never stumbles but doesn’t shame me when I do. He just brushes me off and extends his hand to walk with him again.
My Jesus, I love thee. I know thou art mine. For thee, all the follies of sin I resign. My gracious redeemer, my savior art thou. If ever I loved thee, my Jesus, tis now.


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