Contacts and miracles.

Remember when God fixed my laptop? Yeah, me too. Today’s post is similar to that one because (no surprises here), God is still walking with me.

It was about 9:30am. I had fallen back asleep after my alarm went off because my eyes were tired. It was reason enough to keep them closed a little longer. My friend had texted, asking me to email something to her, so I got up to take out my retainers and contacts before I did that.

Do you know what panic feels like? If not, I’m going to try to convey it here.

I wear special contacts at night. They are the only reason I can see during the day. I take them out when I wake up. I do not have a spare pair of these lenses with me in Austria.

Enter bathroom. Step away from sink with open drain to take contact lens out of right eye.

Keep trying to take contact lens out. Why is nothing coming out?

Enter panic – knot in stomach, face frozen into fear, all my muscles tense. There is nothing in my eye. Okay. Okay. So, if it’s not in my eye, and I thought it was, where is it now?

This happened once when I first got my contacts in fifth grade. Turns out, I had blinked it out onto a rug in front of our kitchen the night before. We found it there in the morning, safe and sound.

Yeah, but this time, we’re in the bathroom that I share with one of my flatmates. And I don’t have anyone to help me look right now. And I’m half blind because I slept with one contact in.

Sometimes, life drives you to your knees, in a literal and figurative manner at the same time. I remembered the rug instance and immediately got to my knees.

I also remembered that God cares about tiny things and wants me to trust Him. So I got on my knees.

Okay. Okay. I trust you, God. Where do I look next? Okay. Not on this corner of the rug. Right, God, I will check every inch of it again. Okay, it’s not on this entire rug. 

Slight break for panic.

I really do trust you, God. Where is it? Help me find it. Right, I know that’s what you’re doing. Where do I look next? I would have heard it if it fell into the open toilet, right? 

At this point, I’m not even allowing myself to think about if I have a backup plan, because I know that I don’t really. If I don’t find this lens, there isn’t a simple or cheap solution.

Okay. Yeah, I’ll check the other rug, God. I don’t know if it could have flown over there, but… 

Then my hand feels something small and blue and gas permeable. On the other rug, where I doubted my contact could have been. Do you know that feeling of relief that feels like you just jumped into a pool of peace?

Good things happen on your knees.


One thought on “Contacts and miracles.

  1. Feeling for you here as I read this. My anxiety went up right along with you. Then….Thank-you Jesus..On your knees and everything is once again good. Thanks for sharing. Love this.

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