Tonight I needed peppers in order to make an imitation burrito bowl for dinner, so I went to Spar with the sole intention of buying a pepper. Well, three peppers was a better deal, so I got three peppers.

I can’t just go to Spar and get what’s on my list, but that’s nothing new. I can’t do that at Cub or Jewel or Andy’s Fruit Ranch, either. Some things never change. (I originally typo-ed “some things need change” Freudian slip?)

Anyways, so then I remember that I sort of needed bread. Need as in, I might want to eat it in the next few days and don’t have much left of the loaf I bought last week, which is actually getting stale come to think of it. I didn’t end up getting bread, but that changed my route to the cash register by adding a detour down the drink aisle. So I passed pear-flavored sparkling water and thought huh.

Huh is just about all I have to say after that. It just tasted like pear-flavored sparkling water. It wasn’t anything exciting, but I still drank the entire half liter.

It was a new experience, and I’m a more intensely Austrian-cultured person because of it.

In other news, the sun shown today, and I thought of so many reasons why I’m happy to be here. Though I still miss everything I listed off yesterday, I’m still convinced that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. For so many reasons (most of them things that I could not have foreseen), Graz is the perfect place for me and being abroad is perfect for me right now.

I’ll get that list going and get back to you.


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