Things I miss.

You knew it was coming eventually. I love Austria. I love it so much, and I’m so happy to be here. Really. We all clear on that? Ist das klar? I hope that was correct German.

There are just some things that I miss, some more than others. It’s nothing too debilitating, but I still miss them. No sugar coating here. This is real life. I miss:

  • not having to ration my American peanut butter
  • having a bed that’s higher than a foot off the floor
  • wifi in my house (I use ethernet here, so I’m basically connected to the wall)
  • all the options for curly hair gel I enjoy at home
  • the English language being on signs and stuff
  • knowing where things are
  • my churches… Oh, this one’s almost debilitating.
  • having ads on youtube in English
  • my people
  • my butter
  • white cheddar cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, wildflower cheddar cheese
  • colby cheese
  • big grocery stores. Call me American, but I miss having options for everything
  • dollars
  • having a job
  • having a paycheck
  • my campus
  • Chicago
  • Minnesota
  • snow (a little bit but not too much)
  • being able to call anyone I wanted to on my phone
  • being able to read the washing machines
  • macaroni and cheese. ’nuff said.
  • Minnesotan radio stations where the hosts don’t talk in German
  • my rollerblades (because people here wear them to go places and it makes my heart sad)
  • Audrey and having control of the vehicle I’m in
  • lakes
  • easy communication
  • screens on windows
  • bathtubs
  • garbage disposals
  • my study Bible
  • my coffee mugs
  • my French Toast Club
  • mochas
  • ranch dressing even though it’s so bad for you
  • Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant (basically all the legal ways to stream video)
  • my hair stylist who knows my hair and speaks fluent English (and Mandarin… not that I need her to speak Mandarin. It just adds cool points)
  • Greek yogurt
  • toast
  • being in a place where Ben & Jerry’s pints aren’t €6… not that I buy them there either, but it’s just nice to know I could afford them if I wanted one
  • ATMs that aren’t Bankomats. They just aren’t as good.
  • elevators that don’t induce claustrophobia
  • air conditioning
  • Tide and Downy
  • “The customer is always right” and “service with a smile” mentality
  • American toothpaste

I could go on. And I could also make a partner list of things that are better in Austria. Sometimes, you just need to be honest about the things you miss and move on with your life.

Moving right along…


2 thoughts on “Things I miss.

  1. You are so honest and real and too fun! Enjoying your posts! I’m going to Bolivia next Monday where for two weeks I will be experiencing many of your same things. When you get back you must buy Cabot:s Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cheese. $2.84 for 8 ozs at Walmart! Best cheese for the money hands down. And it:s a white natural cheese:) Hang in there, Ashley, Cruz in 10 years you will remember back with such fondness.

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