Spring plus muffins

Today I wore my yellow t-shirt with the giant record on it that says “Jon Foreman” on it. I’m not sure, but I think it might have been akin to waving a giant flag that says, “I’m an American, FYI.”

Maybe not. Either way, I’m okay with it.


I swam through allergens on my way to school since spring is in such full blossom here. I can hardly believe it – April 2nd and I already have a teeny tiny bit of a tan. It’s like real spring, the kind we don’t usually get til May in Minnesota, and I’ve already had almost a month of it. The allergens make my eyes water and made the guy in the library sniff every two seconds (we put in ear plugs and headphones… and when that didn’t make it better, we moved), but the flowers are blooming and the grass is green. We can put up with the little annoyances.

Tomorrow holds my very first excursion outside of Graz for the semester. My friends and I are going to Hallstatt, a beautiful town west of Graz surrounded by mountains and on the shore of a beautiful lake. Weather.com promised sunshine and good temperatures, so we’re hopping on the train at 7:45 am (not counting the earlier tram ride to the train station) and heading out for the day.

I made muffins because my mom taught me well. When you’re leaving for a trip early in the morning, your first concern is where you will eat breakfast. Will you get up extra early to eat before you leave and risk being late? No. You’ll bake blueberry muffins the night before, accidentally melting the butter instead of softening it, adding lemon zest and juice, and ending up with 6 more than the recipe said it would make. All in all, they’re tasty, and you are happy to have something to offer your friends tomorrow.IMG_20140402_185503

These eggs are way better than at home. I’m telling you, the yolk is ORANGE.IMG_20140402_185528

Just a little zesting action.IMG_20140402_185743

Figured I’d be original since I bet no one’s ever taken a selfie with a bald lemon before.IMG_20140402_190616Ah, fresh blueberries – heidelbeeren in German. See, I’m learning!


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