Awe here now.

I walked from campus to a restaurant across town today, happening across my favorite street in the city on my way. Every time I walk down Sporgasse, I want to just slap myself and say, “Hey, punk, you’re in EUROPE.” (Then I wonder why I refer to myself as ‘punk’ in my head) And I have to smile to myself while I saunter across the cobblestone streets.

I felt like such a cool cat walking down that street. All those tiny, beautiful details on the buildings, a remnant of a bygone era of architecture make me catch my breath. That random guitar player’s music echoes through the street, which is quieting since it’s almost 7 and the bakeries and stores are closing. I decided in that moment that guitar is the most romantic sound I’ve ever heard. IT echoed, and I smiled.

I just have to smile because, heck, I am in Europe. This is my life. I get to walk across the Mur, past old churches, beside beautiful ivy-covered trees. I get to stumble over my words in German. I get to have horrible misunderstandings in English with non-native speakers. I get to feel my feet twitch after another day with lots of walking. I get to get lost. I get to eat a chocolate croissant while I walk. I get to have an early spring.

I say this not to make you sad that you aren’t in Europe but to make myself aware that this is my life. This is it. This is where I am, and I want to be all here.

I want to be all here so I can hold the memories but be all in Minnesota when I’m there, knowing that I lived the awe and happiness out fully while I was abroad.

I want to live awe-full, in the moment, fully, wholly. Here. Now.


One thought on “Awe here now.

  1. I love that you write to us all about what is going on. The way you write, I can just walk along right beside you picturing everything, feeling the moment, and I can even taste the chocolate croissant…yummy. I am so very glad that you are taking it all in and then letting us walk with you too. Thanks for sharing. Love you.

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