I made brownies.

I have no idea what these are going to taste like. It wasn’t a family recipe. I wasn’t even totally sure that I was buying flour and cocoa powder (thank goodness, I was).


But there are about 285 grams of chocolate in these brownies. Plus 40 grams of cocoa powder. There’s almost no way that this could turn out badly. 185 grams of butter. Good ingredients should yield tasty results. Should.

IMG_20140327_203554I’d like to think that with my baking competency there’s no way it could go wrong. No way that my classmates will bite into one tomorrow and grimace or need their stomach pumped afterwards.


These are an experiment, like so much of my life right now. Does this road connect to any other roads by which I can get home? Let’s find out. Is this a vegetarian dish? Let’s find out. Does that person speak English/understand bad German? Let’s find out.


So tomorrow I’ll take a Prezi about Hemingway and my brownies and try to facilitate a discussion. Do Austrian students like brownies and sarcasm? Let’s find out. Will my professor appreciate what I’ve done? Well, if he doesn’t, he obviously isn’t a chocolate person.


Sometimes you just have to double boil and chop and whip eggs and sugar and fold the chocolate into the eggy sugary mixture and pour it into a parchment paper lined pan and hope that it’s an acceptable offering. Sometimes it’s not that much of a risk but it feels like offering your heart. Sometimes it is offering your heart.

And sometimes it’s just chocolate.


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