Green and blessing

Green has been calling me for quite some time. The emeralds and limes and olives, the natural hues and the natural hues woven into garments. My closet is turning green, and the world is turning green again.

Spring is a time to revel in the green that we’ve found again after such a long time apart. I sat on the chilly ground outside the main building on campus yesterday for as long as I had time. The ground isn’t thawed out yet, and it was hard and cold under me, but the sun poured warmth down onto my arms and face, so cold ground wasn’t a big deal.


We all sat there, every one who had the time. No one seemed concerned with having grass stains or dirt on their behinds when they stood. No, they were content to sit and soak and lean against their backpack or tree or friend.

I felt pretty foreign as I sat there, hearing “Ja” and “Danke” and all the longer phrases to which those responded. But the sunshine was a unifier. We all sat or lay there as long as we could, waiting for class or dusk or a hand up or an invitation to dinner.

Then today I flew to campus on the rusty bike, feeling the wind on my face and that burn in my legs (I’m telling you, if I don’t come back to the US with the most toned legs I’ve ever had, then I will have no explanation for all this soreness). I felt like the most picturesque faux-European in my black peasant dress and long, dusty rose sweater. To be perfect, the picture only needs a basket on the front full of fresh flowers and a bell that actually works.

Completely here and completely wishing to have all that is familiar with the foreign. Amazing how you can want both. I suppose this is one of those times that people would say, “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.”

Or in my case, “You can’t stay home and leave at the same time.”

So duh. So true.

Either way, no matter how much I miss my people and not having to ration my American peanut butter and speaking in English and my church, I’m so happy to be here. Yesterday, Jesus and I were walking home from class, and I felt like I needed to tell him that I was disappointed with something. I felt him reply, But look at this and this and this… I know that was disappointing, but what about that? Yeah? Didn’t I do good with that one? and that one? 

And I had to give Him credit and praise, because it’s wonderful, and I am so blessed.


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