Flying rust bucket

Without any question, my superpower of choice is flight. I can do invisibility pretty well on my own, and super strength just isn’t appealing. When am I going to need to lift a car?

No, I want to fly.

And I sort of did today.

My flatmates have an extra bicycle that we all share. If the key to the bike lock is on the shelf, the bike is up for grabs. So, I grabbed it today. The bicycle is old. The chain is pretty well rusted, and the shelf on the back wheel doesn’t stay in place, so it makes a rattling noise when you pedal. It changes gears all by itself sometimes, and you have to hold the lever for a while to get the bike to recognize that you want to gear down or up. You can only use one of the hand brakes because the front post is sort of loose… so I just use the back brake.

In spite of the difficulties, the bike has wheels that turn. So I flew on it today through the streets of Graz, in traffic and in quiet streets, through intersections and crosswalks. It felt exactly like I thought it would: smile inducing, heart lightening, hair blowing. Somehow, this bike really gives your legs a workout, whether it’s changing to a lower gear while you’re trying to go uphill or just making you pedal a lot harder then usual on flat ground.

My legs shook when I walked downstairs to the laundry room. Yep, that was my workout for today. Faster than walking, cheaper than the tram (actually, infinitely cheaper… it’s free). Yes, I like this bike.

It’s a little rust bucket that takes more out of you than it should, but I like it. Thanks to a workshop I did for a class last year, I know how to take the wheel off and patch the tire if need be. Unfortunately, that’s not one of the issues we’ve got. Still, the rust bucket flies.

Not getting hit by a car or hitting a pedestrian was one of my small victories for the day. That and successfully buying postcards and stamps (using my meager but growing German skills).

On to an Ash Wednesday service.


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