Fasching Dienstag

I had a completely lovely day yesterday, full of special messages from friends and family, more than my fair share of good food, and fun. I’ve tried, but I can’t imagine a better birthday while being abroad.

Since today is Fasching Dienstag (Fat Tuesday), I stood in the rain for an hour and a half while people dressed like this



Oh, wait, that’s me. I didn’t dress up. No, most people actually looked like this


and this


and paraded past us. We also got free krapfen! Twice, actually, since after a while, the chill started to seep into our bones, so we left the crowds and ventured to the best coffee shop in town, Tribeka, for some wifi and a warmup. We happened to run into the parade route again just at the moment they were giving out krapfen again. We have great timing.


I’m not the most party-prone, so after I took pictures of my flatmate in her pantomime costume (complete with white face, suspenders, and gloves), I settled in for a quiet night alone. Well… sort of alone. There’s a bar downstairs, and the walls and floors are quite thin, so I could hear “I’m blue, da-boo-dee-da-boo-da” and excited voices through the floor. However, with the company of some Milke cake roll stuff (some day, I will stop eating carbs en masse… after I try all of the options here. Until then, I’ll just try to make up for it in vegetable consumption and exercise) and a movie. I’m going through movies I haven’t seen from the dorm collection alphabetically, and “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” was next. 

To be honest, I was skeptical because it seemed like a dumb movie when I saw the previews a few years back. And certainly, it was full of stereotypes of New Yorkers and Western people. Basic plot line (without spoilers): A couple who has been separated for months witnesses a murder together and have to go into witness protection together. You can guess the ending, I’m sure.

Typically at movies like this, I snort and roll my eyes at how unrealistic it is.

But this time, I couldn’t. It wasn’t a boy-meets-girl-and-has-a-hard-time-catching-her-attention-but-then-he-says-or-does-something-adorable-after-a-few-mistakes-and-they-hook-up movie. It was the story of two people who had failed each other in their marriage. They’d broken their promises to each other and were messed up. It was the story of reconciliation. They yelled at each other and asked hard questions of each other, and it wasn’t neat and pretty. They had a run-in with a grizzly bear at one point and had to hide in a bull costume later.

It definitely was a Hollywood rendition of forgiveness and love, but there was a deeper, realer element than I’ve seen in a lot of other movies.

And I liked it.

It was a good companion for a non party girl on Fat Tuesday.

Fat Tuesday. Those words make me want to go for a long bike ride tomorrow.


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