Sunny 20 carbohydrates.

I turn twenty in six days. It’s probably not that big of a deal, but let me tell you – it feels like a big deal.

I’ll be able to casually include myself in the “twenty-somethings” category.  I won’t be a teenager anymore. I will have a “2” in my age for the third time in my life. I won’t have to say I’m nineteen anymore (duh and hallelujah).

I thought it called for a blog makeover. It was either that or dye my hair, and I didn’t think I could pick a color, so I picked a new WordPress template.

Welcome to my journey in Austria, now officially labelled on here. It’s like we have a little side party going on from our normal blog relationship.

Today was another beautiful, sunny day, so I decided to walk to Uni (again… this time to get the ID that I was supposed to get yesterday when the office was closed and the man said “of course” is was too late to get the card) despite my heel blisters. I wasn’t aware that you can get blisters on your heels, like the area almost on the soles of your feet, but apparently, you can.

I got a hundred strange looks from people as I walked, because apparently it’s still winter jacket weather. I was wearing a spring cardigan and maxi skirt, so I suppose I looked crazy, but the sun was shining, and it was well above freezing. I only cared a little bit that they thought I was crazy.

I’m finally an official Uni-Graz student and can get into the library – the most important thing because it’s beautiful. I’ll post a picture sometime.

Rebekka and I went to a vegetarian restaurant for lunch since she couldn’t work on her thesis anymore, and I don’t have anything to work on. Who knew you could get so full on veggies? It was a buffet line of all good things, and I didn’t realize you had to pay by weight, so I just got a little bit of everything. I’m not even sure what all I ate, but most of it was very good, including the banana chocolate rum cake. We had to sit for a little bit before we could walk anywhere.

I won’t tell you how many bread-y items I bought at the store after that. I’ve decided that at least for the first few weeks or until I’ve tried everything, counting carbs is not important. I’ll just try to balance it out with fruit and yogurt and other good things. I feel like that way I can still grab life by the loaf and not miss out on anything.

And, of course, I’ll keep walking the carbs off. I’ve decided that I want to attempt biking, as well. I want to see if I can navigate the streets with cars and trams… I may die, but at least we’ll know that it was in a valiant effort to get to class on time without paying exorbitant tram fares.

In other news, I booked a flight to Paris in April to see my longtime friend who is teaching at a university in Rennes. It’s thrilling just to type that, much more to go, I’m sure. It seems far away, but I’m sure before I know it I’ll be home again. Sometimes life just is exciting, isn’t it?

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