Successes and goals

More small victories to report:

– found the church I was looking for yesterday (downside: it didn’t end up being in English. upside: the people were very friendly, and one of them translated the entire service for me)

– figured out that people like to wash their clothes on Sunday mornings – BUT STILL commandeered two washers for sheets and towels. Also, the washing machines are in German, so I think it’s a victory just to pick a setting and get them going.

– successfully took out the trash. This is a bigger deal here because they separate everything (paper, biomass, plastic, bottles, metal) and have specific containers, labeled in that language they speak here that I don’t yet so that I have a slightly more difficult time figuring it out.

I’ll celebrate by eating something with carbohydrates later, when the sun comes out. I hope I do enough walking here that my bread-eating habits aren’t too destructive.

My goals for the next week and a half, before I start classes are to:

– learn the German flashcards I made

– read at least one whole book

– try a new food (bread counts)

– get lost at least once and find my way without using my maps app on my phone

– make my dorm room more organized and cheerful

Cheers to the start of a new week!

Update: 1 hour after I posted this, I finally asked Fabian to help me open my jar of applesauce. In possible completion of the metaphor, the tried something I hadn’t (prying it open with a fork first) and succeeded.

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