Joy does come in the morning.

Nights where you sit alone in your flat because all your flatmates are home with their families are hard. But mornings where there’s leftover French toast and Julius Meinl coffee to brew and the book of Ruth to read are great. And the sun shines through the curtains, and you wonder why last night was so hard.

Though the sorrow may last for the night, His joy comes in the morning.

His mercies are new every morning; great is your faithfulness!

It’s good to be a morning person. God says so.

The sun shone today, so I went to Spar, bought a notepad, some pens, real tape (since I could only find double-sided last time and my pictures are coming off the walls), and colored pencils. Then I walked down Munzengrabenstraße (whatever happened to short street names?) to Stadtpark, where a bench in full sunlight called my name.

Oh, side note: on the way to the park, I tried to stop in at a bank to exchange money. Sounds simple enough, right? Walk into a bank, ask if they speak English, trade them for the euros. No, first I stopped at a bank that was closed for lunch, then I stopped at an insurance company, thinking it was a bank.

I need to learn some German, pronto.

Back to the bench that yelled, “Ashley, Ashley, come sit here. Take a load off.” So, I sat, took off my jacket (baring my forearms outside for the first time in months), and wrote a draft of a poem.

The rest of the day included finally exchanging the euros when the first bank reopened and grocery shopping with my friend, who came back from visiting her family. I probably shouldn’t have, but I also ate almost half a loaf of some amazing bread. I don’t even have an excuse other than how good it tasted, but if I use that excuse they’ll have to roll me home (get it? roll? bread jokes?)

I’ve discovered the secret to having purpose while I have no schedule and no responsibilities is to save the few things I have to do or want to accomplish and scatter them over the many days that I have without classes. Purpose helps with the joy factor.

Today was a little incoherent, but that’s okay. Welcome to the end of jet lag and 10:30pm in Austria.


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