Being buoyed.

I’m trying to get my pictures to upload onto my computer from my phone, but if I can’t, I’ll just give you words.

Today’s words are about enjoying the little things and taking one thing at a time.

Little things like deciding that lunch was going to be a cappuccino and a krapfen (imagine that there’s a picture right there of an incredibly soft little donut with powdered sugar on top. Also imagine apple filling) then adding a pretzel. I can tell you that my carbohydrate intake is through the roof today.

Also, little things like making French toast without burning it to the pan or forgetting one of the ingredients this morning. Little things like successfully finding the international relations office after about fifteen minutes of walking the same path, thinking I remembered where it was. Little things like realizing that I will have enough money to buy food for the rest of the semester.

Little things like successfully finding the bank and opening an account.

Little things like having an extra passport photo with you when you need one (when has that EVER happened?!?). God knew I’d need it.

So then when you realize that course registration might be a bit more frustrating that you initially supposed just because there are going to be so many variables and so many emails back home involved in the process, you decide that your many small victories from the day can buoy you through this tidal wave of responsibility.

The little victories make standing in line for something you need to get at 7:00pm (when your body feels like it should be sleeping… even though that doesn’t make sense with the time difference) not as bad. It’s another check off the list, another knot tied.

The little victories make it exciting to Skype home, even though you wish the people there were here. There’s always something to tell, even if it’s just that the food was great today.

This little buoy is being called out into the deep to sleep. No pictures for today, I guess, but next time!

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