Monday news

Jet lag isn’t just about not being able to fall asleep when you’d like to or eating at normal mealtimes. It’s also about not being able to remember what you’ve been doing and getting confused about what’s going on.

I sat here thinking that I didn’t have anything to blog about, but then I remembered a few things.


DSCN5321It’s the famous clock tower in Graz, up on the Schloßberg. If you type in “Graz, Austria” on google images, this is the 11th image that comes up. The sign next to it said that the earliest mention of the clock in historical records was back in 1265.

I can’t think of a single thing in America that is that old. Maybe rocks? Native American culture? Fossils? But not buildings! Some people get excited about boy bands and new technology. I get excited about food and old things.

There was also part of the original wall of the city of Graz, way up on top of the Schloßberg:



Hello, old stuff. I’m almost 20. It’s nice to meet you.

In other news, I found out I’ve been making espresso like drip coffee, which hasn’t seemed to do me any harm yet. I still get sleepy at bedtime and don’t feel too wired during the day… even though when I met some fellow Americans for the first time since I’ve been here, I found myself talking embarrassingly fast and enthusiastically.

Never mind, just read a forum on what the difference between espresso and coffee is: it’s only different if you make it differently. I’m good!

In case you were curious about my computer’s continued health, I’m happy to report that she’s in perfect working condition. I’m still praising God every time I recall what could have happened.

Have you been wondering what a vegetarian eats in the land of schnitzel and würst and sausage? Well, she makes French toast for dinner sometimes (forgetting to use butter on the non-nonstick pan beforehand and therefore requiring some scrubbing afterwards) and eats pasta on occasion. She ate Chinese food tonight (some of the best she’s ever had, particularly since it was just rice, vegetables, and sauce) and finished it off with an unknown brand of pastry. You already know about the müesli and coffee, so the rest is TBD.

On another note, I’ve felt so supported while I’m here! Your comments, prayers, and ‘like’s are invaluable! Much love from Austria!



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