Not there yet.

Hello from Canada. I’ve had quite the day already, and since it’ll be tomorrow when I actually arrive in Austria,  I figured I’d let you know all the wonderful things I’ve already encountered.
First off,  maybe it’s just me, but Minneapolis has the easiest airport to maneuver. Next (again, maybe this is just me), the Toronto airport is not that easy to maneuver.
Anyway, my day thus far has consisted of goodbyes to my dear parents and a two hour flight on a teeny tiny, nowhere near full plane.


I didn’t have anyone sitting next to me,  which was nice.  And my very full bag (filled with clothes packed in space bags: see below) was already on its way to Europe. I surely hope it actually makes it there.


I also did things like putting my slippers inside my sandals.


Dorky but effective.
Anyways,  I arrive in Toronto without a hitch after a two hour flight full of worship music and Fruit Ninja. All I wanted was some guacamole,  so after I breezed through customs, I got myself thoroughly lost looking for a Mexican restaurant.
Eventually,  I found the terminal E security checkpoint. Again,  my applesauce made it through security (score one point for healthy snacking), and I didn’t have to get a pat down.
Now I’m just bumming at my gate with one hour left til the boarding call.  Then I’ll take a sleep aid and snooze my way to Germany. Praying that it helps beat jet lag.
Until next time,  friends.

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