The magic friend-maker

I think I might have made my banker’s day today. As we sat down to talk about how the bank isn’t going to freeze my credit cards when it sees that I’ve travelled to Europe, he told me I looked like Taylor Swift.

Not unusual, as you all know. But this time I had a better response, right after I told him I get that all the time. (people want to know they’re not alone, right?)

“Actually, it’s really funny… I got my hair cut about a week ago, then yesterday she cut her hair!” Wide eyes, incredulous expression.

He got a really good laugh out of that. So I’m thinking that if nothing else, this whole doppelgänger thing can help me connect with people.

Connecting with people. Ah. It’s so important to my happiness. I’m guessing yours, too. I know a total of one person in Graz right now, since the international coordinator at the school doesn’t really count as a friend (otherwise I’d have TWO). It’s a bit unsettling, but it reminds me of a book that my parents used to read to me when I was younger.

You guessed it. The Magic Friend-Maker, a heart-cuddling story about two lonely girls who meet and bond over a particularly lovely rock. My mom and I read it together last night, feeling the nostalgia of impending separation. Turns out (small spoiler alert) that it isn’t really the rock that is a magic friend-maker, as the girls supposed, but it seems like sharing  life and enthusiasm is what brought them together. When you share your pretty rock with another little girl and find out you have even more in common, a sweet little friendship is born.

Sweet little friendships will be born for me, too. Tomorrow is the day I’ll board three planes and cross an ocean to live a foreign life. It’s a day to inflate my travel neck pillow and take a sleep aid to avoid jet lag. It’s a day to pretend I’m a more seasoned world traveler than I am and confidently try to smuggle my drinkable applesauce through airport security. It’s a day to rejoice that I fit everything I need into my suitcase, to praise God that He cares about the little things (like when I went into our freezing garage to go through a box and find my power strip – glory be, it was right on top!) and the big things and that He will be present with me through it all.

Are you ready to journey to Europe with me?


2 thoughts on “The magic friend-maker

  1. Praying for you Ashley. Love this blog. Right there with you. Have a great day and a great three flights. Love you a bunch and look forward to adventuring with you. Feel my hug.

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