Copycat hair.

Taylor Swift, you are a copycat.

I mean, I’m flattered that you cut your hair short the week after I did, but really? This is a bit much.

We both did the shoulder-length thing, too. Do you ever wonder if we’re telepathically connected? Oh, of course you don’t. You don’t know me or that everyone thinks we look alike. I’ve written about this to you before, with no results. But that’s okay. I know you’ve got a lot of people vying for your attention.

I’ll just wait my turn.

I’ve wondered before if we’ll still look alike when we get old. If we still look alike at age 80, can we do lunch? I’d like that. Or I think 80-year-old me would like that. I guess we’ll see. I’ll probably be a pretty snarky old lady, so if you’re still strutting around onstage with red lipstick at that age and going through boyfriends like pairs of socks, I might have something to say about it.

I still wonder why I look like you. I really don’t think God does stuff like that arbitrarily, so I feel like there’s some good reason.


Well, if you see this and feel like contacting me, I’ll be tied up til July, but I bet I could squeeze you in after that.

You just have your people contact my people. (I gotta find some people.)

4 thoughts on “Copycat hair.

  1. Oh Ashley….Love this one. I bought a People’s Magazine the other day and saw Taylor Swift in there and yes, you do look alike. It is amazing to me. It would be so cool for you both to meet. I can be one of your people if you want. LOL.
    One more day. Feel my hug and prayers.
    Lord, be with Ashley right now. Help her to feel your total presence in her life. Take the anxiety, and any other feelings not from you away. Give her a total peace in her heart, keep her mind clear and give her discernment and wisdom. You have worked your plan for her by giving her this adventure and we praise you that you are going ahead of her in every step she takes and paving the road for all her new things, places and people she will meet. We love Ashley so much and we know you will take care of her and bring her back to us in July and we look oh so forward to that. Thank-you Jesus that you are our Lord and Saviour and we can count on you. Love you. Amen.
    Take care Ashley. Love you tons.

    • Thank you so much, Dawn! Praise God that he goes before me. Thanks for all of your support! I’ll be sure to keep checking in and staying connected. :) Love you!

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