Naps and bears

I tried so hard to keep myself from napping today, because I typically don’t sleep well if I nap – especially at 5:00 pm. However, there’s a special quality about snowy, gloomy, frigid winter days that lulls you to sleep even when you’re reading Willa Cather – who is far from boring.

Well, I fell asleep while reading My Åntonia on the couch, appearing to be chock full of Minnesota sports’ pride in my Wild t-shirt and my dad’s Vikings’ snuggie. I woke up at 5:30 as the skies began to tint to darker gray hues, feeling guilty for half an hour of snoozing and wondering if my hair was going to look funny now.

Bears have something right about winter: that whole hibernation deal? I could do with a few months of sleep in a warm cave I think. I know some people who are crabby enough about winter that I might recommend the practice for. You are unbearable. Stop complaining or go sleep in a cave.

On the days when winter seems particularly windy and icy and frustratingly long, I try to imagine why winter is a good thing. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

1.  Sledding, skiing, snow forts, snow angels, twinkly light under the snow, hot chocolate. Duh. 

2. Not that I know squat about agriculture, but I know the ground gets a break in winter. That’s gotta be good. Everyone needs a break.

3.Sometimes we have to stop or slow down. You can’t drive as fast on icy roads, so people learn to be okay with having a slower pace because it keeps them out of ditches.

4. Sweaters, mittens, hats, gloves. This is only a plus as long as you aren’t sick of your clothes, but it can be fun for a little while.

5. Any restaurant that delivers probably gets a enormous business boom this time of year. Who wants to cook when they’ve been shivering their rear off all day and are just hungry for something warm? There’s a business idea: soup delivery.

6. Spring seems like the best season we’ve had (that is, if we actually get spring).

If you have any more, leave them in the comments. I think I’ve reached my complaint threshold about how cold it is, so I could use as much positive spin as possible.

Cheers to winter!


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