People who need people.

Today lunch is a spinach and fruit smoothie and hash browns, because there’s nothing more efficient than cramming all your vitamins into a blender and drinking it. Also, I have some serious adoration for spuds – hence, the hash browns.

It’s lunch also because my parents are coming home from an 8-day vacation today. (Didn’t want to mention that til the tail end of their absence in case any of you have been anxiously and sinisterly awaiting an opportunity to accost me late at night when I’m alone… okay, maybe I’m paranoid) I’ve been drinking a lot of smoothies this week, because who’s going to make a full meal for one person? I’ll admit, I ate frozen pizza twice this week.  I talked to myself a lot. I watched 1.5 seasons of Veronica Mars. I watched (and cried to) many episodes of Parenthood.

I knitted a scarf and half a hat. Then I realized I was going to run out of yarn for the hat, so I pulled the whole thing out. I’ll re-start it later today.

I have a renewed appreciation for my parents’ presence in our house. Without them, all I hear is the heater and the ticking clock, unless I get noisy. That leaves a lot of silence for my brain to fill.  And my brain is really good at filling silence. First, it starts with quality thinking, processing events, pondering problems and people. But eventually, it goes through all the things it can process that make sense. And we end up dragging out old thought patterns and eventually, nonsense.

It’s part of the reason I haven’t blogged much this week – I don’t trust myself to make sense when I’ve been home alone for hours on end.

We need people. I need people. I’m an introvert, but goodness gracious, do I need people. This week, God has so graciously reminded me that I’m not a lone ranger or a hermit. When I emulate hermits (by spending an entire day knitting and watching tv, only leaving the house to buy more yarn), I lose myself.

And I get lonely.

Are you ever tempted to write off the people in your life because they disappoint you? Are you ever disappointed in yourself for not attracting the kind of people you think you should? There are so many wonderful people in my life that I love, and there are also those people on the fringe of my life that I’m tempted to think I could just take or leave.

I’ll opt to take, please. Those fringe people one out of the woodwork sometimes in my life, and those encounters are so significant. My fringe people have reminded me of core truths and of my value, without even thinking that they’re impacting me at all.

I’ll take the fringe people and the core people, actually. Starting with my parents.


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