Healthy and stuff

Hello, again. It’s been a few days.

I’ve decided I can’t trust myself to blog when I’m sick anymore because it always just ends up being about… (you guessed it)…. me being sick. Sure, being sick does give you something to talk about, but since I typically just get colds, I feel like I just keep thinking about the same 5 things :

1. slow down

2. rest, even though you aren’t used to it

3. drink lots of fluids

4. thank Jesus that it’s temporary

5. ask Jesus to make sure it’s temporary.

In case you were dying for a report on how those homeopathic remedies worked out for me, here you go:

It’s my fourth day of having a cold.. You know how you start with some symptoms that progress to new ones? For me, it’s always a sore throat and congestion, along with fatigue and muscle aches, leading to the sorer throat, stuffy/runny nose, fatigue, tight chest, then the final stage of productive coughing, runny nose, better breathing, and more energy. Step three is where I am, people!

So, moral of the story: gargle apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water (about half and half ratio) about every hour for a couple of days when you start thinking you’ve got a cold, drink lots, rest as much as you possibly can, knit a pair of mittens and a headband, and drink smoothies with fruit and spinach in them. I also ended up trying this Cold and Sough Syrup from Primally Inspired, (even though I don’t know what it means that her ideas are “primally inspired”… is she a monkey?) which didn’t hurt!

I didn’t enjoy sickness when I was younger, but unless it was really painful, I didn’t mind too much. My world only spun fast when I twirled around too enthusiastically or twisted the chain on the swing then let go. The only things I was responsible for were spelling words, worksheets, keeping my room in decent order, and keeping my clothes off of the bathroom floor. It was more of a joy then to stay home and watch Mary Poppins and the cartoon version of Robin Hood (and sing along because I knew all the songs). There wasn’t any anxiety or urgency involved, nothing to hurry up and get done.

Now, I just want to be well, always.

In sickness, you wonder what it’s like to feel whole and healthy. What did it feel like to have all my faculties in working order? Did I ever have enough energy to tackle these responsibilities? Will I ever again? Even when it’s just your regular, run-of-the-mill cold. Your capable, confident, energetic self seems far away and foreign.

And even with all these syrups and gargles and breaks from normal activity, I can’t heal myself. I can’t make the cold go away.

This is why I need a Healer. I need a body Healer. I need a soul Healer. I can do the prep work; I can get on-board with the healing process, but I can’t heal.

I’m thankful for a Healer who doesn’t just write prescriptions but is present in the process. I’m thankful for a Healer who presses out infection – even when the pressure is uncomfortable – to clean and make new. Not just for you to be healthy but so that you’ll be even more useful.


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