In case you were wondering, it’s still winter here in Minnesota. And apparently we aren’t the only ones with negative temperatures. My only advice to folks in cold areas: keep your toes and ears warm, for without them you will have no balance. It’s getting warmer by the day here – headed to positive temperatures tomorrow and Friday – but definitely still has a bite to the wind.

These are the days when I wish I lived in a sunny, coastal city. Wouldn’t some nice ocean air be refreshing right about now? I could walk outside without four layers on.

But then I remember how much pride I take in being a Minnesotan. Right, some of us say our vowels weird. But we also brave very negative temperatures to go places. On Monday, the insides of my nose froze when I got outside, instantly, and my car wouldn’t start, and the cold air made my lungs seize up, but it could have been worse.

30 degrees will feel like sunbathing weather when we finally get there. And I can tell all the relatives who came in for the wedding from the south and think it’s cold here, “Oh, it was so much colder earlier this week. You don’t even know!” And they’ll be amazed at how tough we are.

It’s all comparative, right? When you’ve got -20 without windchill, 30 sounds great. When you’ve got 30, you miss 60. When you have 60, you put on a sweatshirt and wait for 70 to come back. If you’ve got 70, you wish it wasn’t humid or wish it was 80.

Contentment is hard, isn’t it?


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