Brains and boxes.

It’s boxing day. So I think I’m finally going to get the boxes off of my floor. I’ve been dancing around them for a week and a half now, so I think it’s time I reclaim my floor.

Every time I come home from a semester at school, I downsize. Something about realizing that I spent five months without any of the things in my room makes me wonder how much I really need them. So, I go through all the drawers and shelves in my room. It takes me ages, and I can hardly walk through my room without stepping on something. So don’t get too impressed. I may not actually get it all done.

It’s just about the only way that I find out what’s in my drawers and closet. Otherwise, I don’t really know. I mean, I have an idea, but I’m just getting the hang of this whole organized life thing. I spent the majority of my very short life as a pack rat and extremely disorganized (and happy with it) girl.

So, I keep downsizing. This would probably be a nice thing to do in my brain. Scour the shelves and the filing cabinets (as if it’s that organized…) What have we got here? Is this jealousy? It’s so dusty from all these years of storage. I think this is from second grade. We can get rid of that. Clear up the space for something more productive.

Can you do that? Can you go through the catalog of memories and emotions of your brain and get rid of the things that aren’t true, noble, right, pure, lovely, or admirable? Can you replace all the things people have told you that aren’t true with the right information?

Sometimes I wish my brain was more like my closet. But then I look at my closet and figure that maybe my brain needs to stay the way it is.

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