Travel adventures.

Bus, train, plane, car. It takes all of these to get me home for Thanksgiving. It’s an adventure all on its own, a test of my sign-reading skills.
Of course, with this many types of transportation involved, I always leave at least a half hour before I need to, just because you never know when the train will be rerouted or the bus will run someone over (not that unlikely if you’ve seen the way some of them drive).
So I’m just chilling at the gate, watching all the commercials about Chicago. (its second to none, just in case you didn’t know) and observing all the people at my gate.
People at airports are always interesting. Today we’ve got a group of women with matching wooden cross necklaces who have been talking about what they’re going to do when they get home: “shower and get these clothes off.” I take it they’ve been traveling for a while now, probably from some sort of mission trip. Either way, I hope they get their showers soon. There’s the classic family with a stroller and baby to match. The baby is already in pajamas, which doubles the cuteness factor.
Then there are the rest of us, all glued to our mobile devices.
Even the white haired lady in the blue-green outfit is on her iPhone.
I’m just like the rest of them, really. I paid half an arm and a leg for a cup of caffeine and am being social with my thumbs. So strange to sit with these people for an couple hours before we part forever, each going back to our own lives.
Then there’s this precious woman pushing one of those manual vacuums. Oh, God bless her. Lady, you are the reason why this is a pleasant place.
Welcome to my gate, folks.

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