Finals pep talk.

It’s that time of semester again where I want to know where the weeks went. Teach me to number my days… How many are left? Few enough that it’s potentially frightening. Few enough that a to-do list for the rest of the semester is probably necessary to keep on-track.

It’s the time of semester where there’s a lot to be done and maybe not enough time, but that depends on when you start. So I’m trying to start early because I want to be kind to myself and not cause unneeded stress. And that’s where things get dicey.

There’s a lot to do. And it makes my stomach twist into a rather unpleasant knot to think of all the days of paper-writing a studying I have ahead of me. I might burn my eyes out from reading and writing. But I’ve been through finals before, and I survived. I actually was just fine. I don’t think I even partially died.

I think it’s time for a pep talk, because I certainly need one. This is for all you folks who can’t get up the motivation to do the big things that you know you need to do, and it’d probably be better if you didn’t procrastinate.

Hey you. Yes, you. I see you there, writing your long to-do list. Sure, it’s long. Yes, there are some big things on there, but you know what? You can do it.

You know that, too. You know that you’re capable. I bet, if you started today, even with one of those things, even if it wasn’t the most pressing thing that needs to get done, you’d feel pretty accomplished. Maybe if you just did two of those things this week you’d have something significant taken care of. Then you could sleep better at night, knowing how well you’d taken care of things and how you are capable of doing the same thing the next day.

You don’t give yourself enough credit. Look how far you’ve come! You went over that hurdle and through that fire and squeezed out of that tight space. You’re a hero, you are. You’re living proof of the fortitude of humanity.

Keep on keeping on, soldier. Tackle the to-do list. Fight the good fight of productivity.

I believe in you.


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