Stray bread.

There once was a week in my life where I came across three motorcycles, stranded on the side of the road. This week has been similar, except now it’s with stranded bread.

Yes, bread. You read that right.

Friday, I saw a breadstick stuck in a bush. Then, later that day, in the same block, I spied a loaf of bread, with a bite taken out of it, just chilling on the grass. On my way to work this morning, in the same area, I came across an everything bagel sitting on a windowsill.

Stranded carbohydrates, what is this world coming to?

It makes me wonder if it’s an epidemic. Everyone’s starting the Atkins, throwing out their tempters to avoid breaking their diet. Or maybe more people are going gluten-free than I thought. Soon bakeries will start going out of business because no one will be eating carbohydrates anymore. I’ll have to travel all across the county to find enough flour to bake a birthday cake. 

More likely though, someone had a little too much to drink and thought it was hilarious to throw bread out the window. I don’t have to worry too much about my dear carbohydrates. 

With these meaningful words, I wish you a happy Saturday. 

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