Cheers to winter

We got our first snow of the season in Chicago last night, and to my surprise, nothing died within me. I didn’t feel like crying (except that the wind was blowing right in my face and on my un-scarfed neck) or like punching anyone.

I think I’m coming to terms with winters’ existence. I mean, you may have to check up on me come January when winter’s still around, but I think I’m okay with it. At least for now.

Winter means a lot of things for me. I have to wear tights on skirt days, have to get used to being pretty much brunette, have to beware of my hair freezing when I go outside, and I have that awkward problem of not knowing if I should take my coat off when I go inside for short meetings. I mean, I don’t want them to think I’m about to run out the door, but is it worth it to take off the scarf and coat for just 15 minutes? No, thanks. I’ll just sit here and sweat until our conversation is over.

And this winter means going home for wedding planning, which is just about as exciting as it could possibly be. My sister and her fiancé are going to have the most sparkly wedding you’ve ever seen.

Winter also means that Christmas is coming, and that’s yet another reason to be okay with the season changes. Sure, I may freeze my nose off a couple times (regenerative powers, you know), but overall, it should be a good season.

It’s best that I come to terms with winter, because there isn’t a thing I can do to delay or stop its coming. The way I see it, the best thing to do is wear a really thick down coat and welcome the next 6 months of cold weather with open arms. Maybe you should do this, too. It might make us both tougher and more resilient, not to mention more appreciative of summer.

Cheers to winter.

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