Not too young.

I’m 19, and I’m realizing that what it means to be 19 is to be in-between. In-between childhood, where people definitely don’t take you seriously and adulthood, where people are supposed to take you seriously.

I look 19, and my driver’s license will have a red box reading “UNDER 21” around it for another year and a half. I can’t drink, am not financially stable enough to live on my own, am still getting my degree, and have no idea where I’ll be in five years. I use flowery folders to hold important documents and wear funky jewelry and talk about a lot of the same things that other 19 year olds do.

But hear me when I say that I am not too young to follow God’s calling on my life and engage in ministry with those older than me. I’m not too young to step onto the front lines of the battle to bring God’s kingdom to earth, with my own projects and ideas. I’m not too young to have something valuable to add, something that no one else can.

It’s not like you hit 25 and are all of a sudden gifted with opinions that matter and talents that make a difference.

Sometimes I feel like I have to prove myself in ministry or that I have to act like it isn’t significant. But that’s just like slapping God in the face, isn’t it? Sure, You dropped a ministry into my lap at 16 and gave me incredibly wise people to guide me as I figured it out. Sure, You told me what you require of me and have led me step-by-step through an incomparable journey, but people don’t always take me seriously, so I’m not going to take You seriously.

That’s dumb.

I have something to offer to the world at 19. You do, too, even if you aren’t 19. We all have a place in this kingdom lifestyle, a place that we uniquely fit into. And if we don’t step up and do what God asks of us, no one else will.

So here’s my pledge to let no one look down on me because I’m young, to humbly accept my calling and live it out even when people scoff. Here’s my pledge to cling to the people who support me, people who see the vision and calling on my life. Many of you have been that person for me, showing me who I am and what God wants for me, even if you didn’t know it.

I’m pledging to be seriously fierce about following Jesus, no matter what. Hey, let’s do it together!

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