Butter softening.

Taking flour and sugar and all their pantry companions and mixing them up and putting them in my oven brings me such happiness. It’s a way of creating an edible, gift-able thing.

But I have such a problem with allowing butter to soften.

I either forget to set it out before I start baking, start baking spontaneously and therefore can’t plan to set the butter out, or set the butter out and forget to bake. I nearly always have to resort to that tricky microwave butter softening where you try to get it just right and never do. It’s a quick solution to a problem that needs time.

Fortunately, nothing has ever blown up in the oven because the butter wasn’t soft enough, but I’m just waiting for the day when it’ll make an enormous different in how tasty my scones or muffins or cakes are. The day is coming, folks, and I’m going to wish that I had the capacity to soften butter well.

I have no problem with the rest of the baking process. I’m great at a following a recipe and even better at improvising. I can measure, sift, shake, cut, blend, mix, stir, whisk, separate, scoop, fold, beat, pour, scrape, and test with all the other amateur bakers. It’s just that tricky butter softening.

Someday, folks. Someday the butter will be soft when I try to beat it into the sugar. Someday.

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