Hunker down.

I have ten tabs open on my browser right now. And they all must stay open until they are dealt with. Every single one.

This is what busy weeks are like. When you add buying an international plane ticket and applying for a visa and a paper to start writing and an event you’re thinking about going to and that other to-do list full of the things you’re behind on it makes it even more brain-frying. We weren’t meant to operate this way, I don’t think. I’m pretty sure I operate better with one tab open. Just one. Oh, wait I can close that tab. Now there are only nine open.

Breathe in; breathe out. Is your week like this? If it’s not, I bet you’ve had this before, and you’ll have it again. Not to be a downer. I mean, the positives are that I’m going to get loads of things done this week. (Or I won’t, and I’ll be behind)

It’s a reminder to live each moment to the fullest, not in the throw your arms open wide and sing way but in the hunker down and check things off of your list one by one so that you might have free time and an uncluttered mind (or less cluttered) someday in the near future way.

That’s what this week looks like. I’m in my closet sorting papers and checking lists and hoping I didn’t forget anything then remembering something I forgot and adding it to the list. It’s like one giant run-on sentence, and then, and then, and then.

We can do it, you and me. We can tackle one thing at a time (because if we try more than one we’ll sink) and cross them off. We can work until a reasonable bedtime and pick up the list again in the morning.

It’s all going to get done eventually. And it might work out if it doesn’t get done. Maybe.


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