homonyms are beautiful.

Take three. I started two relatively insipid posts then realized that I didn’t really have anything to say.

So, two hours later, I’m trying again. That’s real life. I was going to blog about why singing in the shower will make you a more efficient person, but that might not be a hard and fast law, so I don’t want to risk lawsuit.

Tonight, my heart rejoices that breaks happen. Breaks as in time off and breaks as in fissures or cracks. Sometimes you need a day off, and sometimes you need to be cracked or for something else to crack. Sometimes a fissure in your schedule gives you the ooomph to keep going, and sometimes a crack in your self just gives you something to focus on.

We can brake and take a break to catch our breath, and we can break and be broken to be fixed up better than we were before. Sometimes you brake to slow down, and sometimes you brake to stop. And sometimes you break a little bit, and sometimes you break down.

And I think they’re all good. And they all have a place, even though we’d much rather brake to take a break than break and be forced to brake because we’re broken.

Homonyms, you beautiful things.


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