Pep talk/guilt trip.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 7.47.05 PMQuick meme didn’t think my title for my meme was funny enough, but I think “Blog-crastinator” is pretty hilarious.

Okay, so maybe hilarious doesn’t totally encompass it.

Maybe you can relate to me day today: The to-do list isn’t super long, at least not the things that are pressing. The only really pressing things are either quick and simple or they include eating pumpkin pie (it is urgent, trust me). I spent the morning catching up with a friend and the afternoon reading through paperwork and figuring things out for studying abroad.

Oh, yeah, announcement time: If you didn’t already know, I’ll be Austria next semester! Woohoo!

Can you see the scatterbrained, unfocused thing going on here?

I’m blogging right now rather than when I get my thoughts all together because a) if I don’t take some time to write things down, my thoughts will never come together and b) this is real life. This lack of organization and hilarity and motivation is real.

Which makes me think that it might be time for a pep talk. Do you need it, too?

Hey there. Yes, you. I see you. I know you have things to do.

No judgment, really, but you have such a great work ethic. You really do, most of the time. I can see you getting all those little things done in like half an hour. Really. You are such a stud when it comes to getting things done. Maybe it’ll take an hour, but either way, won’t you feel better at the end of that hour than you would if you just sat around?


You know it, and I know it. Aristotle (or your equivalent) has been waiting to spend time with you all day. Your relaxation later will feel even better if you get up and at ’em now.

I think that may have been more of a guilt trip. But that might just be what I need right now.

Cheers to productivity!



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