Pressing tenderness.

Today I need to press out some words here on WordPress, like I’m squeezing them out of my toothpaste tube of a brain. There are just a few left, and we have to press on them to get them to show themselves.

Ah, victory.

I’ve heard that meat tastes better when it’s been tenderized. I don’t know this from personal experience since being a veggie-o-saurus keeps me from understanding that aspect of life, but I’ve heard. I’ve also seen a meat tenderizer, those sort of spiked hammer type things. And I think there’s some kind of machine that does it, too. Either way, it’s by beating the meat that it makes it tastes good, right?

I might be wrong about that. I didn’t do any research.

I was thinking about how tender God is with us today, and the immediate image that came to mind when I thought of tender was how people tenderize meat. Beating.

I don’t think God had to become tender in order to know that was the best way to relate to humans, but he’s certainly been beaten. Not just in Jesus’ whippings but every time someone says no or tells Him that they’re doing just fine on their own, thank you. It’s when He’s near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit, because we know that has some effect on the Savior, too. It’s every time we speak about Him casually, as though He isn’t there and listening. It’s when we push Him aside to give something else the throne in our hearts.

And His response is tenderness.

I find that rather amazing today.


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