Tight spaces.

Every time I get out my yoga mat (technically my mom’s, but she let me bring it to school with her since she’s been blessed with two yoga mats), I learn something new. It’s usually that my balance isn’t as good as I thought it was or that I shouldn’t whack my arms on the furniture in our little apartment.

For tonight, I was reminded that we breathe into the tight spaces.

As I attempted to do pigeon pose (google it if you don’t know what it looks like) tonight, I felt the tightness. My muscles protested because it isn’t somewhere they want to be. Usually, my arms and legs are at opposite ends of my body, without intersecting in any way, but pigeon asks me to bend and stretch in ways that I’m not flexible. It’s tight, and it doesn’t feel good right away.

So, there was tightness. But it’s a good kind of tightness. It’s the kind of tightness that threatens to take your breath away at first, but what you really need to do is breathe into it. You take deep breaths and release with every exhale. And it doesn’t make it looser, but it does bring this sort of strange comfortableness with complete uncomfortableness.

With every breath I release my insistence that this pose isn’t comfortable, and I ask my body to stop fighting the stretch. I breathe into it in the hope that someday the tightness will go away.


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