It’s good to be alive.

Some days it’s really easy to count your burdens, and you’re tempted to do that because the dishes stacked up in the sink, and you haven’t cleaned your bathroom in a while, and there are forms and papers and yogurt containers on your desk. And you have a test today about Plato, which is a little bit daunting since you only met him a short time ago.

That’s when I need to stop and remind myself of all the reasons that it’s good to be alive today.

  1. We’re talking about and writing metaphors today in my creative writing class. If you haven’t realized that I love metaphors almost as much as I love coffee, you probably haven’t been here for very long. (In that case, welcome!)
  2. Oatmeal. It happened this morning.
  3. It’s Freedom Friday (the day of the week that I set aside to pray for people who aren’t free around the world), which always reminds me that I’m a part of what God is doing to break chains. He could do it Himself, but He wants to use us.
  4. Forecast for today? RAIN.
  5. It’s only a week until payday.
  6. I get to see my family again in 26 days.
  7. No matter what happens today, Jesus walks with me.

What’s on your list today?


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