Knee level living.

I’m learning that I need to love living on my knees. I’m learning that the best things happen when I kneel.

Scrubbing floors, getting down to eye level with a child, sitting on the floor, weeding a garden, looking up to someone. You can’t do any of those things from a standing position. And they are so worth doing.

You can try to do them while you stand. This is why we have Swiffers and babysitters, chairs and weed killer. They’re substitutes, but they don’t do the job as well as a knee bend.

I want to live in a way that makes my knees muddy, that stretches out the knees of my pants til they look funny when I stand back up. I want to become familiar with low level living, to make it my home.

Right now it’s not a comfortable place to be, partly because I know I should have been here all along. I should already have holes in the knees of my jeans.

But I love that Jesus doesn’t reprimand me for not coming sooner; He just welcomes me as I arrive and gives me my orientation. He doesn’t care that I’m late because His love is the most beautiful there is, the kind that forgives shortcomings and lateness over and over again.

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