Twelve years ago and today.

Twelve years ago today, I was eating breakfast with my mom and my sister. I think the radio was playing in the background, because all of a sudden, I remember my mom startling, going over to the radio, and turning it up. She stood there in shock as the reporter broke the news about the plane crashes. It’s the first time I can remember seeing my mom cry. And I didn’t get it.

I didn’t understand why it was such a big deal until I got to school and saw that everyone knew. And everyone was sad.

In the aftermath, I remember reading a Time for Kids magazine in my second grade class with a picture of an American flag stuck in the rubble of the Twin Towers on the cover. That was when I learned what heroism really is and that those firefighters totally embodied it.

I remember hearing President Bush speak about how the terrorists (a new word for me that I got mixed up with ‘tourists’ for quite a few years afterwards) had hoped that the attacks would tear us apart and break us down. But instead, Americans had united, supporting each other through the crisis. I think that’s one of the parts of American history that I’m proud of.

I don’t know if we responded in the right way. I know that the world knows that America doesn’t like terrorism and will do quite a lot to make sure that everyone else knows. I know that we sometimes have good intentions about helping other nations who are under terrorist rule.

Today, I’m not sure what the right response is to all the conflict in Syria. I don’t know all the details. No matter how many news articles I read, I still feel like there are gaps in my knowledge. It almost seems like good and right can’t win. It almost seems like no matter what we do, we’ll cause harm and maybe not even help the situation. It’s complex. I know that I want the UN and all the powerful people to start with conversation, maybe a meal together. I want the tide to change, for people to fight a little harder to keep from fighting and bombing.

But really, I want the world to know Jesus. I know that when we live apart from Him, we set ourselves up for conflict. We have human solutions that might work, but the only thing that will truly end all the strife is when we let Jesus be king.

It’s a good day for the Lord’s prayer, because we need His kingdom here.


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