Hot Tuesday

My notebooks don’t stand a chance today. There’s condensation everywhere from iced drinks and putting ice cubes trays on the counter for two minutes (enough time for them to half melt), naturally, there are water stains on my notes.

It’s another day with this venomous robber, Heat, who steals brain power and energy and normal body temperatures. I’m fighting back with half-caf iced coffee and breakfast biscuits. Take that, Heat.

This is preparation for winter. Because of these 95 degree days, we’ll say to ourselves, “Okay, we won’t complain when it’s 40 below and snowing and blowing.” But we probably will, because we’re forgetful and complain-y. Let’s face it; we want sunny days with slight breezes and a high of 75. Then we want like 3 rainy days per month to keep things green and nice, but we don’t want storms. And we want snow for the two weeks from Christmas to New Year’s, but we want it to stay white and fluffy and melt on command.

Aren’t we picky.

I bet there are good things about hot days. I mean, if you just sit and get stuff done, they’re not bad at all. You might survive¬†and be productive. It’s a time when you can sweat in public and still be accepted. If you visit the freezer section of the grocery store today, you probably won’t freeze like you usually do. It’ll be a relief. You can save money on your hot water bill today because a hot shower sounds completely unbearable.

That being said, I will welcome fall weather with open arms when it gets here on Friday. And I will stomp my feet if it gets delayed.


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