Pep Talk Monday.

There are nights when you, a person who willingly chose majors with a reputation for being full of reading, sit and wonder if your eyes will ever feel normal again. You scan page after page after page, trying to take in more information about utilitarianism and how to be a good writing tutor and nature and how to be a good writer, and you wish there was another way to get all this information into your noggin.

If you find yourself in a similar boat, here’s a pep talk for you [and me]:

Hey, you. Yes, you. I see you there. You’re doing your homework. Do you know how great that is? You’re staying on top of your assignments. Way to go. You may think that no one notices, appreciates, understands, or cares, but I think you’re pretty fabulous for taking care of business. You might even finish soon!

Did you have a long Monday? Yeah, me too. But tomorrow is a fresh, new day. It might not be as hot as today (it might be hotter… sorry. I know that’s not encouraging). I bet there’s something really great about tomorrow that might just make your whole week good.

Heck, there’s probably something great about today that makes it worth living through. I bet you can think of a few. Even if you can’t think of any right now, I still like you. We can still be friends.

You know what would probably make you feel better? Smiling. Try it. It helps. Then go smile at someone else and watch them smile back at you. See? Wasn’t that nice? Now, head back to your desk or wherever you do your homework.

Keep going. You can do it. Trying is the first step.


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