Things I’ve learned this week.

Sometimes you’re in college and you learn a few things. You figure out that you really can’t do everything and thus end up picking a few ways to spend your time. You learn how to study, learn that you’re easily distracted, learn that life isn’t as simple as you thought it was at first but is actually infinitely more simple than you make it out to be most days.

And you learn that when you make rice, it’s always good to make extra. You always have a use for leftover rice. Plus, rice is cheap, so you can replace it more easily than other things.

You learn that you have to put away the avocado right after you’re done with it; otherwise it’ll turn brown, which is neither pretty nor appetizing.

You learn that the best way to make friends is to cook aromatic food with your door open and Pavarotti playing. People will stop by and ask why the hallway smells like garlic and onions.

You learn that sometimes you spill blueberry syrup on your rug while eating French toast. And when the beautiful Tide-to-go pen isn’t able to get all of it out… you flip the rug over. And it’s not a failure to be clean. It’s just real life where people spill things.

You learn that you really do hate procrastinating… maybe even enough to never do it again. And all of a sudden, you feel like you’re on top of things. And it might be only the first week and you may not have started work yet, but you’re doing pretty well. Only 15 more weeks to keep it up, and that’s just about enough time to make it a habit, right?

You learn how beautiful payday is and how much cheaper Aldi is than the slightly closer grocery store. And you learn that just because they don’t call back doesn’t mean they don’t love you. And you learn that the post office is closed on Labor Day, which means that it would have been a good idea to check your mail on Friday, but you forgot.

You learn that you like getting up before 8, even when it’s your day off. And you learn that there are lots of ways to get around the fact that you don’t have a kitchen table.

You learn a lot. Sometimes by trial and error. Either way, you’re learning.

It’s only been a week. I guess you could say this is a growth period.

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