Tips for freshmen.

Photo on 8-21-13 at 8.39 PMWelcome to my room. This is what it looks like today. And I don’t even think the picture encompasses the worst of the mess. This is what packing mode looks like for me. Gotta have everything out so that I don’t forget it.

It’s a giant, cluttered, holy-terror mess. And it’s all gotta get packed into boxes tomorrow.

And by ‘all,’ I mean ‘fewer items than are pictured.’ Limited car space, you know. This is when it would be helpful to know the future. Will I really need my toolbox this semester? Will I wish that I had left my printer at home? Will I use this whisk as much as I think I will? 

I do have some experience with this whole living away from home thing, though. So I thought I’d pass on as many tips as I have.

  1. Bring a Tide-to-go pen. Or three. Really, if you bring nothing else, bring this pen. Keep it in your backpack and by your bed and in your purse (unless you’re a dude. Then ditch the purse).
  2. You probably won’t wear all the clothes you bring. If you don’t love it, you won’t wear it at school in front of the people who might see you and not know that you usually have great style, you’re just wearing your least favorite shirt today. I mean, really, why own a least favorite shirt? Why not donate it? One man’s least favorite shirt is another man’s favorite shirt.
  3. Try not to buy lots of things online after you get to school. If you aren’t motivated enough to go out and get it from an actual store, don’t let yourself use your hard-earned money to buy it online. Unless you get free shipping and it’s something like socks. Not like I bought socks online or anything.
  4. Take significant things that you already own. Don’t just take a whole bunch of new things that you just bought at Target. You need some remnants of home to keep you from being homesick. Even the toughest get homesick.

That’s all I have for now. And the packing awaits.


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