Shameless Sunday

I would so like to win something. One time, my sister won a year’s supply of ice cream (which meant that she got 24 coupons for free half gallons… aka NOT enough for a year) and four tickets to see Doctor Doolittle when it came to the Orpheum, all because she wrote a cute little poem about what she would say to the Kemp’s cow if she could talk to him.

I want to win something. I don’t need to in order to validate myself, but it would be so nice. I kind of would like to win a car. I think that would be great.

Or maybe a reality tv pilot (even though being on a reality tv show is just about the last thing I’d like to do). Or how about a road trip? That’d be second best to a car.

But I’d really like the car.

Oh, hey. It looks like I made a video for this contest to win just exactly one of those three things. It looks like it might be at this link.

I think it might be around 2 minutes and 56 seconds long. I think that you can vote approximately 11 times per day for me if you play the bonus point games. I think that you have until September 30th to repeatedly vote.

I’m shameless. I’m using my little platform for self gain.  But really, vote for me?

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