Honest Saturday.

It’s time for some honesty. First of all, I spelled ‘honesty’ wrong the first time I typed it. Whoops.

Second, I’m not ready for school yet. I feel like it’s July (despite the perfectly fall-esque weather over the past couple weeks). I’ve done most of the things that I wanted to do this summer, but I’m still not ready for it to be over. I’m not ready to leave the comfort of a suburb where I have my schedule and my habits and my people all figured out. I’m not ready to head back into the hustle and bustle of Chicago life where I have to figure out new classes and new jobs – heck, I just finally got all settled into my summer jobs.

I’m not ready to be away from the people I know best and the comfort of having my own room and a fully stocked kitchen (that someone else stocks) at my disposal whenever I’m willing to cook. I’m not ready to leave the suburbs, where you can leave a bike parked outside a bakery without a bike lock, and it’ll likely still be there when you come back in a few minutes. I’m not ready to say goodbye to my parents and sister for two months.

But since when are you ever fully ready for the next stage of life? If I waited until I felt ready, I would never go. I could probably always think up one more thing I need to make for my apartment or one more thing I have to find on clearance before I head out. I could always think of one more person to say goodbye to, one more dish I wanted to make in my kitchen. I could always feel that I hadn’t hugged my family enough or shown them how much I love them.

And really, when I think about my life in Chicago, the noise, the adventure, the food, the people, the excitement of new classes, it makes it easier. I’m excited, though not ready. Jesus will go with me, anyways, so I’ve got continuity there. It’s more than I need, more than I could think to ask for.

6 days to make the most of every opportunity and get as ready as I can be.


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