Blessings, not sheep.

Today, as Bing Crosby suggested in White Christmas, I will count my blessings instead of sheep. I’m not super interested in sheep numbers, anyways, so this isn’t a big sacrifice. I just kept finding myself rejoicing at these little things, and I want to share it with you.

Blessing #1 People have been throwing work at me this summer. Do you remember the beginning of summer, where I didn’t have a job, had no promise of a job, and had actually been rejected for some?  I chose to be certain that Jesus would take care of me (since I haven’t always trusted in the past, but He’s ALWAYS come through for me), and lo and behold, I got two jobs within two weeks of each other that paid well and suited me. Then I got to cat sit for two different families. I got more babysitting jobs than I could handle. I worked a corporate event and had offers to work more. I got to keep freelance copyediting. AND I just got an email asking me if I was up for doing some more editing work. Is God taking care of me? Yes, yes He is.

Blessing #2 I met a nice lady at the bank today who helped me get a money order so that I could finally, successfully, renew my passport. Then – here’s the real miracle – I went to the DMV without an appointment but waited less than five minutes for someone to help me. I was out of there in fifteen minutes. Is God taking care of me? Yes, I would say He’s going beyond the call of duty.

Blessing #3 I got to help my dear friend, Rebe, pack up her car this morning before she left for school again. I also got to grocery shop in her basement (since her mom buys stuff on major sale/double coupon days and has an enormous stockpile), so I have plenty of pasta and diced tomatoes to take to school. More importantly, I got to say goodbye and hug her tightly. That hug has to last until Thanksgiving. Does God care about my friendships and my groceries? YEP.

Blessing #4 Even though it’s hard to say goodbye to my loved ones – which I’m preparing to do – I’m know that Jesus is going with me and has some ideas for what we’re going to do together this year.

Bonus Blessing There’s coffee ice cream in the freezer. And my mom is going to buy me some school clothes.

I hope you are able to find all the blessings in your Wednesday.


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